ZFormsTM A faster, Smarter and More Efficient Way for Fleet Communication

Automate eliminate paper forms
Customize message content and displays
Track compliance and performance
Simplify auto-populate message fields

Streamlining fleet communications

ZForms allows companies in the dispatch-to-driver environment to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication. Together with Zonar's Ground Traffic Control® and 2020® mobile tablet, the new ZForms feature makes mobile messaging easier than ever before.

A solution for your industry

ZForms comes well-equipped with a library of message templates to choose from, designed to meet the needs of customers across a variety of industries such as pupil transportation, commercial trucking, transit, retail, municipality, construction and more.

Talk to Zonar about customization options

Zonar provides an option to work directly with your company to develop a customized ZForms solution. Whether it’s full custom form development or minor changes to existing templates—Zonar has you covered. Contact us to find the option right for you.

 Messaging  Overview
Zforms Product Brochure ZForms Printable Product Brochure ZForms allows companies to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication.

From our customers

Before ZForms, we were manually relaying information about the starts, stops and restarts for our snowplows using two-way radio transmissions, which meant information wasn’t always accurately and promptly relayed. With ZForms, now we can easily share, receive and store information electronically, which helps us make critical decisions and optimize the city’s fleets during snow storms.
Doug Legg - Manager of Street Maintenance, City of Denver

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently a 2020 and Ground Traffic Control customer. Can I incorporate ZForms into my existing products?

Who do I contact to learn more about ZForms?
If you don’t already have a contact at Zonar, you can contact a sales specialist or call (877) 843-3847 (menu option #2).

Do I need Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control and 2020 products to use ZForms?
Yes. ZForms enhances communication between fleet managers using the Ground Traffic Control web-based application and drivers equipped with the 2020 mobile communications tablet.

Is ZForms different than other messaging tools in the dispatch-to-driver market?
Yes. ZForms differentiates itself by offering a range of customization options. ZForms comes equipped with a library of message templates, but we offer an option to adjust templates, add data fields or provide fully customized forms. A Zonar sales representative will work directly with you and your company to determine the best solution.

What types of sample forms are available?
Samples will include:

  • Route assignments
  • Load assignments
  • Delivery receipts
  • Time sheets
  • Trip reports
  • Work orders
  • And more!

What if I have questions as I use ZForms?
Zonar's Customer Care team is available 24/7/365 to answer simple questions or to help you solve more complex ones.

Have Questions?
Contact a Zonar Specialist

Features and Capabilities

  • Easy-to-use, on-screen displays for drivers and fleet dispatch operators
  • Electronic signature capture and recording
  • Saved message responses to assist with tracking compliance and performance
  • Message import and export ability to assist with managing driver replies
  • Driver notification alerts when new messages are received
  • Access to a library of commonly used message templates and forms
  • Text-to-speech with message autoplay for minimal driver distraction
  • Easy-to-navigate message folders including inbox, sent, draft, archive and deleted items
  • Flexible message display formats
  • Auto-populate message fields to display asset numbers, odometer, date, time and more
  • Share addresses as a hyperlink to navigation systems
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care
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