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Driving Technology. Fueling Efficiency. Empowering People.

Your Future

Join the Family

At Zonar, we take pride knowing the unique devices and services we’re developing make our roads safer for everyone. Our well-tested technology offers real-time vehicle data and mobile communications platforms to improve driving habits, fleet management, and maintenance operations for public and private fleets across North America. You didn’t know it, but you have been driving on highways and roads beside vehicles powered by Zonar’s solutions.

Just as Seahawks owner Paul Allen assembled a team of talented players, coaches and administrators to take the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2014, so we are looking to hire creative software developers, support and sales people with the passion to build on our successes and take our company’s performance to a new level.

Join us and we will offer you the freedom to be different and to think creatively. We pride ourselves on our open atmosphere. You should plan to have some fun along the way as we develop new ideas that empower our customers to prevent accidents on the road, reduce operating expenses so they remain competitive, and transport children safely to and from school. Once you’re part of the Zonar team, you, too, will play “I spy” looking for our iconic marigold Zone tags on every road you drive.

Why Zonar

Drive Impact

Your Work Matters. You can make an impact delivering results and ingenuity in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with 30%+ annual growth over the last three years.

You Can Lead. Everyone is provided the autonomy and flexibility to take risks, drive change, and deliver real value for our customers and for your team.

You Are Part Of A Team. You will join an empowering, inclusive team that drives results, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of directly moving the needle.

Connect The Future

Work on Cutting Edge Innovation. Work with Big Data, Enterprise SaaS, Analytics, App Platform Ecosystem, Mobile, Internet of Things and the Connected Vehicle.

Work With Complexity And Scale. Deliver solutions that affect millions of drivers each day, serving 2500+ customers, and 30M web transactions daily in a high availability platform of hardware, software and web services.

Work With A Thought Leader. With 150+ patents and more innovation on the way, join a team that is leading and inventing the future.

Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy A Great Culture. We strive to be a great place to work, to reflect our values honestly both as a team and with our customers.

Enjoy Change And Growth. Fast growth and innovation means you will never be bored, and it provides multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Enjoy Our Customer Passion. We truly enjoy what we do and our customers know it. It’s not about us—it’s about them.

Enjoy Having Fun. We recognize the basic human need to relax and recharge. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we like to celebrate success. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Where We Live


Zonar is headquartered just 15 minutes outside of downtown Seattle near SeaTac International Airport. With the booming technology industry in Seattle at an all-time high, our location puts us at the very heart of technological innovation. Our Pacific Northwest Headquarters provides us with amazing views of Mt. Rainier, plenty of space to grow as our company continues to expand, and quick access to downtown Seattle and public transportation.


Zonar’s Central Zone Office is located right in the heart of the Central Business District in Downtown Cincinnati, two blocks from Fountain Square at the Center. Cincinnati’s Central Business District is home to over 60,000 employees, spanning a diverse cross-section of industries and organizations. Downtown Cincinnati is also now headquarters to ten Fortune 1000 companies, seven of which are in the Fortune 500. This amazing location offers incredible views of downtown, plenty of space as we expand, and convenient access to downtown public transportation and delicious dining options.

DRIVE impact. CONNECT the future. ENJOY the ride.Join the Team

Perks & Benefits

Taking Care of You

We offer a robust and flexible medical, dental and vision plan, that’s designed for today’s growing families. Our employer-paid life insurance plan assures you and your family are protected.

Your Friends

We offer an employee referral bonus program because we want your friends working here, too!

Your Future

Helping you plan for your future is important. We offer a 401K with a competitive corporate matching policy.

Helping You Grow

Nothing is more important to Zonar than empowerment. We offer tuition reimbursement and a free license to use

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy and active is encouraged at Zonar! We offer an onsite gym, company softball and a running club.

On-Site Beverages

Of course we can’t call Seattle our birthplace and not offer free coffee! If you aren’t a coffee drinker, we won’t judge—all Zonar employees have access to a full beverage selection of tea, soda, juice and water.


As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” We know life in the technology world moves fast, so we’re always making time to have a little fun! Whether it’s an unplanned half day off to celebrate the first sunny day of a Seattle summer, taco trucks and salsa contests for our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, or the annual Zonar Turkey Fry around Thanksgiving—our culture is one that always looks for ways to kick back and enjoy some time together!

Giving Back

Zonar also believes in giving back to the communities that have supported us since our founding in 2001. The organizations on which we focus our efforts are those that support the concerns most important to our employees and our customers. We value the importance of setting a positive example and strengthening the growing partnership between Zonar and the communities in which we work and live. We see charitable donation as our corporate responsibility, but we also enjoy every hour and penny we give back.

Each year, Zonar sponsors a designated charity in the name of Zonar and its employees. Sponsorship can include fiscal donation, fundraiser sponsorship, or participation, and support of outside fundraising events. Additionally, Zonar supports local Seattle organizations, transportation and student-focused charities, and the non-profits that are close to our founders’ and employees’ hearts.

We encourage and support the charitable activities and involvement of our individual employees within the Zonar community. Each Zonar employee is eligible for a Zonar corporate matching contribution in support of their favorite charity. Donate to a charity close to your heart and we’ll match it!