MyBusVue Bus Tracking App

MyBusVue Bus Tracking AppMyBusVue Bus Tracking App School bus tracking app with parents and schools in mind

Plan up-to-date bus location and ETA
Reduce parent calls and complaints
Visibility track bus route behavior in real-time
Streamline automate rider counts for reporting

Available wherever you are

MyBusVue will be available via your web browser on desktops, laptops and tablets; or you can download the app on your phone through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Whether you are at work, home or on the go, you will be able to see your child’s bus location and ETA.

  • Interactive map with current bus location and route
  • Bus status: on-time or late, with ETA
  • See stops completed and scheduled
  • Follow multiple riders and stops
  • Z Pass rider scans record when and where a child gets on or off the bus
MyBusVue MyBusVue Printable Product Brochure When schools use MyBusVue with Z Pass, parents can check that their child got on the bus at their stop and got to school on time.

Instant information

When schools use MyBusVue with Z Pass, parents can check that their child got on the bus at their stop and got to school on time. Parents can also use MyBusVue to reverse track the same route to coordinate after school family schedules. Putting real-time transportation information in parents’ hands also means fewer phone calls to schools, relieving the strain on your staff in the morning when the day is most hectic.

Safe and secure

MyBusVue takes the guesswork out of your child’s morning and afternoon bus rides with interactive maps and alerts. When paired with Z Pass, parents can also set notifications to confirm when and where their child boarded or exited the bus. Schools and parents alike will appreciate the additional safety net MyBusVue creates. Children’s information is also kept secure.

For parents

  • School access code required
  • Two-factor email authentication at login
  • Security questions enable password reset flow

For schools

  • Administrator credentials required
  • School access code management
  • Z Pass scan data for quick location of children

Features and Capabilities

  • Interactive map with live updates
  • Check on bus ETAs, in-route progress and stops completed
  • Follow multiple riders and stops
  • Secure access code and log-in
  • Free mobile app download
  • Online web portal
  • Additional features with Z Pass:
    • Real-time notifications of rider scans
    • Automated state and federal reporting
    • Streamlined reimbursement process
    • Easy child check
    • Increased student safety
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care