Are you Prepared for the ELD Mandate? ELD Mandate Facts
Are You Prepared For The ELD Mandate?

ELD Mandate Facts

Find Answers to Common Questions
What is the ELD Mandate?
When does the rule go into effect?
Does the ELD Mandate apply to me?
What solutions are available?

How Does the FMCSA's ELD Mandate Affect Me?

On December 16, 2015, FMCSA published its final rule requiring the adoption and use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by all drivers required today to complete paper records of duty status.

The rule requires adoption and use of compliance ELDs within two years from the date the final rule was published, which would be December 2017. FMCSA will, however, allow fleets and drivers to use devices that meet the current standard for Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRD) (49 CFR 395.15) until December 2019. This is a two-year grandfather clause from the final deadline for adoption of ELD. If the device can be upgraded to meet ELD requirements, the device can be continued to be used. View the ELD Mandate Timeline.

The top five things to ask yourself when reviewing your ELD options

Let us help with the transition

We have dedicated compliance experts on staff that can help you move to a solution that stretches beyond just a compliant Hours of Service product. As a trusted partner, we’ll help you see a greater return on investment including enhanced safety, increased uptime for trucks, decreased fuel costs and improved reporting accuracy. Learn more about how Zonar is positioned to help.

ELD Transition Services Package
Zonar's newly announced ELD Transition Services Package is ideal for customers seeking peace of mind with the uncertainty of the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s (FMSCA) upcoming implementation of the ELD mandate. Find out more.

Zonar’s Connect Tablet with ZLogs
Zonar's Connect™ tablet runs an hours of service application called ZLogs. It is self-certified to meet the AOBRD requirements in CFR 395.15.

ELD Made Simple – The Basics You Must Know

Over the past twenty-four months, Fred Fakkema, VP of Compliance for Zonar, has been deeply involved in the ELD mandate, from the policy level down to the compliance level for Zonar’s mobile telematics tablet.

Watch the ELD Mandate Webinar
Listen to Fred Fakkema and Annette Sandberg, Principal of TransSafe Consulting, LLC., break down the answers to these common questions:
  • Does the mandate apply to me, or do I fall into exempted status?
  • How is ELD use mandated, and what will carriers and drivers have to do?
  • What do I need to know about the technical standards of the rule?
  • What are the responsibilities as a driver vs. an employer’s responsibilities?
  • What are the new roadside data transfer requirements: who does what and when?
  • What supporting documents must I retain with the use of an ELD?

Improve Driver Safety and Decrease Operating Costs

Lessen Your Paperwork
Electronic logs eliminate handwritten paper logs. This means that dispatchers will no longer need to rely on drivers to submit accurate, legible records.

Electronic Logs Reduce Crashes
Electronic log use among CDL drivers helps reduce driver crash rates by 11.7% according to a recently published report by the Center for Truck and Bus Safety of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Increased Drive Time
Drivers spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day filling out paper logs. Electronic logs help restore lost time spent on paper logs enabling more drive-time.

Less Downtime with Quicker Roadside Inspections
Decreasing the time your drivers are spending with a police officer during vehicle inspections is a huge productivity gain. With electronic logs, drivers can quickly, easily and with confidence present their electronic logs to any officer and spend less time off the road.

Accident Documentation
Certified hours-of-service devices also record vital vehicle data, like driving speed, braking and acceleration. In the event of an accident, this data may help prove your driver is in the clear.

For more information on the ELD mandate please visit the FMCSA website.

White Paper: ELD Mandate Summary
White Paper
Electronic Logging Devices Summary of Regulatory Mandate Rule
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