Ground Traffic Control Fleet Management Software

Ground Traffic Control® Make your fleet data work for you with fleet management software

Know your fleet's locations and actions
Monitor your fleet anytime and anywhere
Run time-stamped reports and receive alerts
Manage single asset or your entire fleet

Your fleet at your fingertips

Ground Traffic Control will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations. With an unlimited number of users and 24/7 access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser, Ground Traffic Control is the most robust web portal package on the market. All this power for tracking, reporting, and easy exporting of fleet data is included with your Zonar service.

Ground Traffic Control Product Brochure Ground Traffic Control Printable Product Brochure Ground Traffic Control will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations.

Complete visibility

This secure web-based application provides a real-time picture of your fleet operations with unmatched visibility, ease, and control. Multiple worksites with vehicles and people on the move are no longer an obstacle for your fleet operations with access to your data from any Internet-enabled device.

Customized for you

Ground Traffic Control works how you work. With user-friendly dashboards and reporting features, workers find data to make informed decisions quickly. Robust customization options ensure the right data and dashboards for each user, whether they are a fleet manager, mechanic, operations executive, equipment manager or dispatcher.

Immediate action

We did all the hard work on the back end to ensure that Ground Traffic Control turns your fleet vehicle data into readable, actionable information. Real-time exception-based reports easily and quickly improve performance, asset utilization, communications, regulatory compliance and safety.

Unparalleled insight

Experience a complete view of your fleet operation and share information across your organization, all from one seamless application. Ground Traffic Control connects various operational departments on one platform while providing valuable, real-time insights into fleet health, compliance and efficiency.


Anywhere fleet tracking

Real-time visibility into fleet and project operations from any web-enabled device and alerting functions so you can act quickly.

Powerful reporting

Analytic algorithms and exception-based reporting distill large amounts of fleet data into actionable reports and dashboards.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Map every turn of the key, every stop and start, and all activity
  • Supervise each driver’s speed, path, safety and idling
  • Customize reports, alerts and dashboards for each user’s preferences
  • Ensure maximum safety, transparency, and accountability
  • Automate tasks that were once a burden on drivers, dispatchers and administrative staff
  • Integrate with third-party systems using our open API
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care
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From our customers

In the reports generated by Zonar, the amount of time each truck spent idling surprised us all, particularly the drivers. After implementing Zonar and providing drivers counseling on how to reduce their idling, we saw the amount of fuel burned due to idling reduce from $600 per week to under $180.

Richard Kornmann, Visual Inspection Analyst, Goodfellow Brothers Construction